Top 10 Benefits of High PageRank

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Google has given a particular value to each and every website (rather every web page) based on a few factors, like the quality of content, incoming links, etc. The automatic algorithm ranks different pages automatically based on various factors.

A visited page's Page Rank is a whole number between 0 and 10. The most popular websites have a Page Rank of 10. The least have a Page Rank of 0. Page Rank measures the number of sites that link to a particular page. Google, generally, ranks all the webpages 3 to 4 times a year based on its algorithm. There are a lot of benefits of having a high PageRank website. Here are 10 of them!

1. Higher the PageRank, Higher the Importance

The higher the PageRank of your website, the higher will be its importance in the World Wide Web, according to Google. Portals put in hard effort to increase their PageRank, but only the ones with high-quality content and high number of links get a higher PageRank. If your website’s PageRank is 0, it is of no importance in eyes of Google!

2. Preference in Search Engine Rankings

Pages with higher PR get preference in search engine rankings, which means that if your page has a higher PR as compared to any other page, but the relevancy is a little less, your page will be put above in the search results – all because of the high quality of content on your website.

3. Frequent Crawls from Google Bots

Websites with higher PR are crawled more often by Google’s bots as compared to the websites with lower PR. It clearly means that your website is preferred over other websites in the same niche!

4. Quick Addition of Content into Search Engine

As Google’s bots crawl high PR websites more frequently, the content on these websites is more frequently entered into the search engine’s database, and is returned into search queries more often. Even the fresh content can be seen in search engine if your website’s PR is high!

5. High Value of Portal

Portals with high PR are admired and have a higher value in the World Wide Web. The portals with high PR often have advertisement spaces with higher price. Webmasters around the world target to have a back-link from a website with higher PR than their own, which enables them to share PR! All this increases the value of the portal.

6. Higher the PR, More the Visitors

Having a higher PR means your website is preferred in search engine rankings, which means it will get more visitors via search engine. Leaving your link or comment on high PR websites will also help you get traffic from that website!

7. High PR Websites get More Advertisers

Advertisers always look for portals with high PageRank. This is one of the strongest criteria to gauge the importance of a website. To some extent, it also tells you the number of visitors on a particular portal, like a webpage with PR 5 will have more visitors than a webpage with PR 2. More visitors means more people watching advertisements, and this is what advertisers want!

8. More Guest Posts

Bloggers follow this common practice called guest posting. It enables them to share PageRank. Generally, blogs with higher PR are offered guest posts by low PR website owners. This exercise benefits both the parties; high PR websites get a free article (plus revenue) and low PR website gets a backlink (plus traffic).

9. Expert Status

Hiving a high PR webpage will send out a clear message to all the other webmasters that yours is an authority website and highly respected by search engine and readers. All this will gain you status of an expert in your own domain.

10. Easy to Market Yourself

Having a high PR website will make it very easy for you to market yourself. Your website’s high PR will be considered as your high score in the world of Internet, which will automatically earn your respect and authority. All this will make it easy for your to market yourself with search engine optimization.

These were the top 10 benefits attached to having a high PR website! What’s your website’s PR, and have you started working to improve it?

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Top 10 Benefits of High PageRank

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Top 10 Benefits of High PageRank

This article was published on 2013/04/22