Launch Of ‘How Search Works?’ By Google!

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You must have had a question in your mind everytime you Google something “How Google Search works, how it tracks web content, find web pages, decides the ranking or SERP position?” Google has unveiled its “How to Search” interactive infographic. This explains how the search engine works, including how it tracks spam or plagiarized content.

The infographic includes exclusive details about search; however a large chunk of Google’s dos and don’t (remember, the Penguin and Panda update?) list is explained in the end.

What does the “How Search Works?” includes:

The area is divided into four parts, out of which three are infographic section, while the last is search related. The sections are categorized into crawling & indexing, ranking pages with algorithm spam fighting, and search policies etc. The categories are broadly explained here:

1. Crawling & Indexing – The first part includes, how Google finds web pages, detect spam or plagiarized content, and how it make them appear on SERP. As you further explore the section, you will find several links and “Easter Eggs” that will give related information, explained in-depth about the topic as you hover you mouse on it.

2. Ranking Pages with Infographic – The second section deals with how the Search Engine Giant, Google revert your search queries, how it decides which pages or website needs to be ranked top on SERP.

3. Spam Fighting – The last section of infographic includes explains how Google fights Spam, how it detects which web page includes spam content or which website is applying unethical SEO tricks to earn search engine ranking. One of the USPs of this option is that, you can see “live spam” being removed from Google’s SERP.

About Search Policies:

Besides, interactive infographic, Google also tacked together a new guide, which includes details or policies that deal with search. What changes Google have imposed on search for webmasters, how it will work, how it will improve search etc. are explained in this section.


In a nutshell, it is a creative effort from Google. There are several publishers online who weren’t sure how search engine works, how Google detects spam, in fact how the overall ranking process works.

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Launch Of ‘How Search Works?’ By Google!

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Launch Of ‘How Search Works?’ By Google!

This article was published on 2013/03/14